Mothering Wine

Today is mother’s day in the UK. It can seem a little contrite, but it’s a day worth celebrating for more than just Hallmark – particularly when it comes to wine. The relationship… Continue reading

Good Legs, Great Body; Olympians & Wine

In the month of the Olympics, we take a look at wine’s surprising role in the athletics of the Ancient, and not so Ancient, world. In just under a month, I, like thousands… Continue reading

Brexit By The Bottle

There are plenty of rich pickings in the current political climate for a historical blogger to take a ‘wider perspective’ of current events, always with the benefit of hind-sight. As someone who likes… Continue reading

The Medicine of Humanity

It seems that every single week the health benefits or concerns regarding wine are played out in the press and online. With the advent of the ‘reddit’ style news-bite internet media, articles seem… Continue reading

Child Sacrifice, Chica & Travels

I’ve just returned from the best part of a month travelling in Peru and Bolivia and am, as you can imagine, eager to tie in a blog post to this phenomenal part of… Continue reading

The Origins of a Modern Wine Pilgrim

When modern travel, food or wine writers set about beating the bounds of their chosen destination, you often see a distinct word pop up – “pilgrimage”. A journey of thoughtful reconciliation, an aim… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad & the Fearless

How some dubious-Dukes left a lasting impact and help to create some of the most wondrous wines in history. You only have to be around wine for a short amount of time to… Continue reading

Sherry On The Frontiers

It’s an emotive word; Sherry. It can instantly conjure up images of grandmas, trifles and tapas. A wine unlike any other, with a unique production process relying on heat, oxygen, bacteria and a… Continue reading

Cloth of Gold, Fountains of Red

  Never underestimate the ability of King’s to impress, intimidate and above all – drink. On the 7th of June, 1520 two of Europe’s, and indeed history’s, ‘superstar’ monarchs met in a carefully… Continue reading

Purely Sensory: Wine Tasting’s Past

New year, new you? January is traditionally the time where people take up a plethora of new hobbies, make a multitude of promises to themselves and resolve to live better, more fulfilling lives.… Continue reading