Much of the wine we enjoy today is down to the strange little circumstances that history creates. In Past-Cuttings’ I want to explore those little episodes, bring them into the present and help try shine a light on how this effects our enjoyment today.

As a recent student of both wine, and archaeology, it’s clear to me how the study of one can aid the other. Wine has been an obsession of human civilisation dating back thousands of years, through hundreds of different societies across the world.

The physical remains of our trials with the vine can be seen through debris in the earth, the artistic output of our ancestors and even through a kind of mysticism surrounding the vine, sometimes resulting in an elevation to Godliness. All the time this helped to define, improve and ultimately create the drink we enjoy today.

In Iran (Persia), the Persian wine mei has bee...

I try to help people choose the right wine for them every day and know how complicated this can be. The merest glance at the bewildering array of labels in your local supermarket or wine store can lead some of us to feel somewhat overwhelmed. But hopefully I can help spark a little interest beyond what’s in the glass, so that the next time you’re confronted with which wine to buy a little knowledge of how it came into being might help to aid your enjoyment and appreciation!

Please feel free to email me, jmmerrylees@gmail.com, with any feedback about ‘Past-Cuttings’, or with any areas you                                                                          feel I should be writing about.