The Good, the Bad & the Fearless

How some dubious-Dukes left a lasting impact and help to create some of the most wondrous wines in history. You only have to be around wine for a short amount of time to… Continue reading

Sherry On The Frontiers

It’s an emotive word; Sherry. It can instantly conjure up images of grandmas, trifles and tapas. A wine unlike any other, with a unique production process relying on heat, oxygen, bacteria and a… Continue reading

Cloth of Gold, Fountains of Red

  Never underestimate the ability of King’s to impress, intimidate and above all – drink. On the 7th of June, 1520 two of Europe’s, and indeed history’s, ‘superstar’ monarchs met in a carefully… Continue reading

Purely Sensory: Wine Tasting’s Past

New year, new you? January is traditionally the time where people take up a plethora of new hobbies, make a multitude of promises to themselves and resolve to live better, more fulfilling lives.… Continue reading

True Bottled History

Napoleon, Blackbeard, Churchill and Jefferson all walk into a bar… There’s only one thing they could all order. Rich, nutty, acidic, sweet, ancient, drunk by pirates and by those witnessing the birth of… Continue reading

Not Taking Prohibition Lion-Down

Prohibition, in any form, very rarely works. No government in history has truly been able to tackle man’s force of will, nor factored in the lengths humanity will go to get a drink.… Continue reading

Afghanistan’s Unlikely Wine Hero

    The unlike story of a man who build an Empire out of Afghanistan, based on armies, pleasure and wine. After something of a break from writing, I’ve been casting around for… Continue reading

St George and the Flagon

Today is of course St George’s Day. But what on earth can we drink to celebrate? Often seen as a slightly abashed almost feeble day, particularly in comparison to the vastly more popular St… Continue reading

Malbec World Day

April 17th should be circled on the calendar of every wine lover. It’s Malbec World Day. (what do you mean you didn’t know?) Not to be confused with World Malbec Day, as the abbreviation… Continue reading

Wine’s Genesis; The Root of the Vine

One of the many joys of wine is that it is entirely self fulfilling. What do I mean by this? Mead is fermented honey, but no amount of honeycombs will translate itself to… Continue reading