Afghanistan’s Unlikely Wine Hero

    The unlike story of a man who build an Empire out of Afghanistan, based on armies, pleasure and wine. After something of a break from writing, I’ve been casting around for… Continue reading

St George and the Flagon

Today is of course St George’s Day. But what on earth can we drink to celebrate? Often seen as a slightly abashed almost feeble day, particularly in comparison to the vastly more popular St… Continue reading

Malbec World Day

April 17th should be circled on the calendar of every wine lover. It’s Malbec World Day. (what do you mean you didn’t know?) Not to be confused with World Malbec Day, as the abbreviation… Continue reading

Wine’s Genesis; The Root of the Vine

One of the many joys of wine is that it is entirely self fulfilling. What do I mean by this? Mead is fermented honey, but no amount of honeycombs will translate itself to… Continue reading

Women, Warriors & Wine

  It is a long acknowledged truth that the hardships of war often force men to drink, and drink heavily. In Anglo Saxon England the brutality of the shield wall style of combat… Continue reading

Banquets of Mass Destruction ; Wine & Barbarians

Do you drink your wine neat? What, not even the merest drop of water? You utter barbarian. At least to the Ancient Civilized mind. The Classical World had an obsession with wine which… Continue reading

The Medieval Dry January

For many January has become a month of atonement. The waist line has expanded, the liver is aching, the obvious solution seems to be a period of self flagellation of the worst kind… Continue reading

Muddling Through ; A short history of Mulled Wine

Nothing shouts Christmas like mulled wine.   That combination of good, rich red wine with cloves, cinnamon, sweetness and spice. It’s comforting, warming and the winter months really wouldn’t seem right without it.… Continue reading

Meeting the demands of Past & Present ; Colonial Wine

How the deemed threat of global wine shortage can be countered with a new wine world off the back of the Colonial Age… Like a dog with a particularly precious news-based-bone, this week… Continue reading

A Medieval Battle for Wine

Here’s a bit of an essay. It’s actually my entry for the Young Wine Writer of the Year Award. Hopefully it still makes for an interesting read… ‘Celebrated or Excommunicated’ – How did… Continue reading