To War for Wine ; The Hussite Rebellion

The Hussite rebellion of the 15th Century is a truly fascinating episode in the history of Europe, a real watershed moment. It has always astonished me how much they were able to achieve,… Continue reading

Emerging from barbarianism ; The Ancient Greeks and Wine

Wine in Ancient Greece; why we owe it poetry, theatre, religion, language and love. Plus – why you should never invite a centaur to a wedding. If we were to take a map of… Continue reading

“Up the bloody slopes of La Pompelle” – Champagne and World War I

For many, champagne still remains an unaffordable luxury even to this day. Hand on heart, I for one could go without – largely because I find a bottle of Echo Falls and a… Continue reading

Turmoil & Terroir – Lebanese Wine

It’s hard to imagine something like viticulture having a spiritual home in such a changeable landscape as the Levant. Vintners in the West, or the New World, worry about rain, or frost or… Continue reading

History’s Cutting; Wine’s Genesis. Part I

  The root of the Vine ; The Cultural Origins For the true origins of wine we can think in two different ways. Hence my decision to split this article into two distinct… Continue reading

No Place Like Rome ; The Evolution of Italian Wine

Recently I’ve been writing about, and drinking an awful lot of, Italian wine. Like many people my diet is dominated by pizzas and pastas and whether white or red; there always seems to… Continue reading

The Englishman’s Drunk; Port in Excess

How can you measure greatness? Surely it’s by the standards of the age. And so it was in the early nineteenth century that to be thought of a man to be reckoned, you… Continue reading

Romano-British Wine; An unexplored heritage?

An Ancient Legacy; British wine under Rome Around two thousand years ago, the Roman Tacticus described Britain as ‘hostile and unsuitable for the growing of grapes or olives’. Despite indications that our climate was… Continue reading

Insects on Trial; The Law of Vines

This is the story of how a group of vintners took on some unwanted pests in a court of law, and lost. It may seem ridiculous, perhaps even shocking or disrespectful to the… Continue reading

Celebrated or Excommunicated? The Medieval Battle of Wine

Every so often you come across a little titbit in some otherwise incredibly dry prose and you just have to stop what you were doing, put down the book, get online and find… Continue reading